Document Management

Picking DocumentIn today’s environment where on one side, everyone is talking about Paperless environment, we still end up generating tons of paper thanks to the need to store all our critical documents endlesslessly. Be it ones personal identity, investments, assets, paper trail becomes very important to retain.

Similarly, office environment too have not managed to do away with the need for physical paper approval. Despite all the CRMs, need for “original paper” has remained engrained in the minds of all employees. The continued elaborate process of approval / need for branches to interact with head-offices using physical mode and lastly, the extensive requirement of regulatory compliance adds to the ever growing volume of documents within office environment.

In service industry like Healthcare, Finance and Telecom use of paper is unavoidable due to need for original documented version (patient history and doctors’ notings, subscriber data with proofs, etc). In education institution, there is an ever growing need for sharing of exam papers / test results with students and parents in an “untampered” manner.

DocuScan and DocuBank makes your life easier.

Docuscan is meant for office environment as it is a multi-user application with effective access control and user restrictions in place.

DocuBank is your Personal Online Document Storage taking care of all your critical personal documents in a safe and secure environment.

You can now breathe easy with the dependable solution on your finger tips. Developed in the latest cloud environement, DocuScan and Docubank provide alternate platforms to retain all your critical copies in the cloud environment without having to fear the theft or loss of data at any point of time.

Automated “document management” replaces manual paper-based process of document control with effective storage management and audit controls. Effective Document Management brings in major improvement in the following four areas :