DocuBank – Your Personal Online Storage account

DocuBank is your personal Online Storage Account which ensures that your critical documents are always available to you on your fingertips, no matter where you are and when you want it!

Built on the safest environment, the documents are accessible only by you at any time of the day and from any location, provided you have access to internet.

Besides the Safety and Security angle, what makes DocuBank a very useful must-use application …

  • Pre-set 40+ folders given for instant storage into that category.
  • Additional tagging options to store more information on every document.
  • No need to go to application to upload.. just mail your document to giving the folder name as Subject line. Your documents get stored in that folder for anytime access later.
  • Multiple ways of document upload – Use any of the convenient retailer locations (DocuPoint locations) to upload your documents, or simply scan and upload yourselves.
  • You can view, print or email the documents instantly.. just clicking one button will give you the desired result.

Document Storage and Security

Today’s digital world does away with lot of hassles on document security. Effective security control not only makes the document “near impossible” to access by unauthorised individuals, in extreme cases, it is always possible to track the access at any later date to find out who accessed the file document. Moreover, digital security costs only a fraction of money what it would require to store a physical document in a protected environment.

Secure Storage - DocuBank is build on the most robust platform and hosted in the most secure environment. Hosted in a Tier IV IT environment, it not only protects your document against any unauthorized access, it also has triple safety measures to prevent any loss of information on account of outages. DocuBank has a very effective Disaster Recovery process which ensures that your critical documents can be retrieved even in the extreme cases

Document Management Made Easy by DocuBank

Despite the digital era, we still end up generating tons of paper thanks to the elaborate requirement of document copies by multiple authorities, be it Loan Applications, or School Admission or for that matter, even getting a telephone connection. Critical documents like Identity Papers end up being required at the oddest of time when we do not have the possession of it.

DocuBank ensures that these issues will be history from now onwards. With a click a button, copy of all such documents is safely stored in respective folder, be it a passport copy, or your school leaving certificate or your flat registration papers… all of them available in individual personalized folder, waiting for you to retrieve it any odd hours.

Document Folders are available for Personal and Business Documents Categories

Personal Education Personal Identity Personal Investments Personal Commercial Personal General
Class Xth Certificate Birth Certificate Investment-MF Appointment Letter Asset Papers - Bills
Class XIIth Certificate Marriage Certificate Investment Equity Increment Letter Asset Papers - AMC
Degree/Diploma Certificate Passport Private Equity Promotion Letter Housing Society Papers
PG Certificate Driving License PMS Salary Slips Club Membership Papers
Merit Certificate Ration Card Bank Account Papers Form 16 Personal General - Others
Marksheets - School Company Id Investment - FD IT Returns
Marksheets - College Voter's Id Investment - RD IT Paper - Correspondence
TC/Admission Papers PAN Card Investment Insurance Loan Papers - Property
Education - Others Aadhar Card Investment Bonds Loan Papers Vehicle
Identify Papers - Others Investment - Gov. Sec. Loan Papers - Others
Investment - PF/PPF Agreement - Property
Asset Paper - Land Lease Agreement
Asset Paper - Property Vehicle Papers (RC/Ins)
Personal Invest - Others Legal Case Papers
Personal Comm. - Others

Business - ROC Papers Business - IT Papers Business - Legal & Comm. Business - Agreements Business Others
Registration Certificate Pan Card Sales Tax Papers Partnership Agreement Club Membership Papers
ROC Correspondence TIN Copy Service Tax Papers Asset Related Agreements Business - Others
AGM Papers IT Returns Municipal Tax Papers Lease Agreements  
EGM Papers IT Return - Confirmation ESIS / PF Related Papers Distributor Agreements  
Audit Reports IT - Correspondence EB / Water Dept Papers Franchise Agreements  
Share Certificates Business IT - Others Legal Case Papers BUS. Agreement - Others
Share Related Letters   Legal Correspondence  
DIN Card   Trade Mark Papers  
Business ROC - Others   Patent Regn. Papers  
  Customer Correspondence  
Business Commercial - Others  
Business Legal - Others  

The above preset folders ensure easy placement of all your critical documents in the respective location for instant retrieval. Moreover, this process also ensures that you can directly mail your document as email attachments to these folders without having to log into the application.

Besides this, Docubank has very simple ways of uploading documents which can be done either by scanning directly into your folders or by attaching existing documents to the folder. If you do not have a scanner, you can walk into many of the DocuPoint retailers and have your Documents uploaded as well.

Docubank also enables you to tag additional information on your documents. You can also group individual papers together in a group eg. Passport pages, Agreement copies with annexure, Amendment to existing document that needs to be stored together, etc.

Document Search and Retrieval

Despite all the advancement in technology, we are even today slaves of “searching”. There is not a single day in our lives when we have not wasted a few precious minutes searching for something that is required urgently. Digital world has only made it complex as we end up mixing our critical documents with tons of useless digital documents we never delete.

DocuBank understands that Critical Documents have to be treated the same way we treat our precious assets, they need to be securely locked and be accessible in a separate location for easy access later on.

Anywhere Access - Docubank is your virtual ATM – access your documents wherever you can access Internet ; be it your smart phone, your Notepads or your laptop.. it is accessible anywhere in the world and in a matter of just 3 clicks, you can access your critical document safely.

Instant Sharing - Docubank gives you the freedom to act on your document immediately. You can instantly email the document to any part of the world with the built-in email facility. Your documents are safely sent to your desired destination instantly to any person you desire. Alternately you can print it for further use.